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Priyamaina Anjaliki

Priyamaina Anjaliki

He cannot live without her. So he choose to live within her.


Maro Prapancham

Sci Fi story with love & lust and good & bad across multiple universes, which collide accindentally.



Friends may be selfish but friendship remains great even in continued social,financial,acadamic inequalities and discriminations ruining the nation's backbone.

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Chakra Infotainment LLP (“Chakra”) is a media and entertainment business, engaged in production, acquisition, aggregation and distribution of audio and video content for digital, satellite and theatrical platforms predominantly in Telugu language. The focus is on pioneering new formats of distribution, screen aggregation, exploring, launching compelling story-telling forms, on-line talent hunt platform for aspiring creative minds to showcase their skillsets & aptitude.

Chakra is committed to creating clutter-breaking video and audio content that entertain and enlighten all classes of audience. It has produced almost 250 minutes of audio content filled with divinity and above 200 minutes of folk, filmy and light music audio content. Besides, Chakra has about 350 minutes of entertaining subject matter across multiple genres like love, sci-fi, revenge, thought provoking dramas in its video content. They include two feature films, one independent film and one short film. Chakra is poised to take up three projects of video content (all feature films) soon.

Chakra is led by multi-faceted Mr. Venkata Ratnam, who wears many caps with ease. Besides being a successful finance professional, he is an expert in multi-tasking with immense passion towards art and entertainment. Under his able guidance and support Chakra has many plans to be instrumental in innovative, entertaining yet enlightening video and audio digital content being made available to the society.


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